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65th Anniversary Year 2014

It is with great sense of pride and accomplishment, that we enter our 65th year - Alhamdolillah! Our heads bow in thanks and gratitude to the Almighty. This golden era started in November 1949, just about two years after the Country gained its independence and has been a period of great satisfaction and fulfillment.

Founded by the Norwegian gentleman Mr. Sverre Gylseth, the Company started as indenters and representatives of European paper manufacturers, the company soon diversified into various industrial consumable products that set the direction for the Company. This direction led to the cement and steel industry where starting with the supply of paper bags, new and specialized lines were acquired wherein expertise was gained through extensive training, study and travelling. Today, we can take satisfaction that the direction set by our founding fathers in those early years has paid rich dividends for the Company.
These past sixty years have led us to believe that sincerity with the customer and loyalty to the principals and selling the best product with thorough knowledge is no substitute to short term gains. The Company has followed this ardent principal to the book and can today be satisfied by the fact that there are absolutely no liabilities on the Company. This success has also given us a chance to serve the down-trodden and the deserving in our own small way thus making a contribution towards our responsibility to the society.

We take this opportunity to assure you that the principals and the goals laid down by our founding fathers would always be held supreme.