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RHI AG ., Austria
The world's largest manufacturer of refractories used in ferrous and non-ferrous industry as well as cement and glass industries. RHI is the global technological leader in the field of Refractories. RHI comprises of a large number of reputed and established brands  like VEITSCHER, DIDIER, RADEX, REFEL, DOLOMITE FRANCHI, INTERSTOP, which are synonymous for innovative technology and highest quality standards.

Henschel Recycling Technik GmbH, Germany
Producers and manufacturers of scrap bailers, shredders and heavy plant/equipment.

Dolomite Franchi S.p.A., Italy
Dolomite Franchi is a RHI AG Group company exclusively dedicated to the production of both shaped and unshaped dolomite refractory materials. It produces dolomite carbon bonded bricks and dolomite mixes for the steelmaking industry. The products are used for the refractory linings of ladles, AOD converters and electric arc furnaces.

Gega Lotz GmbH, Germany
Equipment and plant manufacturers specializing in pre-heating stations and boilers etc.

Metallurgica Gesellschaft für Hüttenwerkstechnik mbH & Co. KG, Germany
Metallurgica is one of the leading manufacturers world-wide for continuous casting and bottom pouring powders. In addition to mould powders, the company also produces cored wire for secondary metallurgy. Metallurgica offers tailor-made products, developed in close co-operation with customers.

Beda Oxygentechnik GmbH, Germany
BEDA Oxygentechnik is world-wide leader in classic oxygen lancing equipment and manufacturer of lance holders, safety devices and special valves for oxygen for steel plants. These products offer good handling, perfect and high safety.

Tieber Technology GmbH, Austria
Tieber Technology is a specialized company for sourcing and supplying spare parts, consumables and Industrial services for ”out of warranty” production equipment. They are able to find spare parts for the older equipment to keep it going.

Janson Bridging International BV, The Netherlands
Janson Bridging established in 1972 in The Netherlands has vast experience in bridge and pontoon building. They optimize communications by assisting countries in building up their infrastructure. Janson Bridging is market leader in rental and sale of modular steel bridges, pontoons and RoRo jetties. The products and services are renowned for premium quality and reliability.  Design, engineering, manufacturing, erection, inspection, training and maintenance are all part of Janson’s total concept.

Sun-Glare Ltd., China
Sun-Glare is one of the most experienced Chinese suppliers of equipment and components for metallurgical, steel and non-ferrous industries. Sun-Glare is engaged in design, manufacturing, engineering and service activities on a word-wide basis. Headquartered in Beijing with over 50 professional staff and with a group of 7 specialized plants, Sun-Glare is concentrating on the development of continuous casting and cold rolling technology. Its product range includes continuous casting machine, rolling mill, slitting line, centrifugal casting line, copper mould tube, gear and reducer, rolls etc.

Conte Metal Mec s.r.l. Italy
Conte Metal is specialized company for designing and manufacturing Material Handling Equipment for Steel Industry. For more than 100 years, Conte Metal is manufacturing equipment for load lifting, moving and handling of metallurgic products. Conte produces Coil Cars, Coil Tilters, Grabs for Coils, Metal Sheets, Blooms Plates, Slabs, C Hooks for Coils, Aerial Tilting Grabs and other related material handling equipment certified with ISO9001, TÜV and EC standards. Conte is a major supplier to most important steel and aluminium groups world-wide such as Arcelor-Mittal, Thyssenkrupp, Corus,Tata Steel, Electrolux, Toyota, Marcegaglia, Ilva, Gonvarri, Acerinox, Hindalco